RuP Museum: treasures of the computer revolution

Do you belong to the generation of digital natives? Or can you still remember the times when not every desk had a computer on it? We are continuously fascinated by the computer revolution. At the same time, the rapid progress of digital technology keeps us all on our toes. Whoever is curious about what this engendered in the past should definitely visit our RuP Museum.

Time travel for technology lovers

The RuP Museum contains treasures from over 70 years of computer technology. In addition to early precursors of electronic computing systems and historic card data recorders, technology enthusiasts will find antique IBM plugboards and manuals here, as well as the first IBM products. A real journey into the past awaits our visitors. Back to the days when even the most modern computers were so gigantic that it was difficult to fit them into a single room – let alone onto one desk.

Visit the grandfather of e-mail and fax

Let yourself to be transported back to the time when the telex teleprinter from Siemens revolutionised communication, in a similar way to the iPhone in the future. In the late 1950s, around 14,000 West German and 1,000 East German citizens used the teleprinter for communication abroad. It is considered to be an early forefather of e-mail and modern fax communication. By the way, telex technology is still in use today – for example, in maritime radio or in very remote areas – making it the oldest existing data network in the world. In the RuP Museum you can see this Siemens T100 telex machine in perfect condition.

For aficionados: the RuP Museum

A small chunk of contemporary history from the computer era – the RuP Museum. We have collected all the exhibits over a period of decades, lovingly archiving, maintaining, repairing and refurbishing them by hand. The equipment can be admired from close quarters on our premises. Anyone who is enthusiastic about technology is guaranteed to come out with their eyes sparkling and perhaps having rediscovered a piece of technology history. Why not pay us a visit at our site in Frankfurt-Rödermark? The museum is open to everyone during our usual office hours.